Batman Kids Comic Havaianas Sandals

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You know how you can tell when children have grown up? When they stop wanting their superheroes smiling and start demanding a bit more...brooding emotions! Of course they aren't adults yet because they demand people like Batman on a bike with flames in the background! Wait...what am I thinking...I'd wear these Batman Kids Comic Havaianas Sandals if I didn't wear a size 12 men's! To heck with my big feet, I don't get to wear anything cool. One day I'll have children and I'll get to make decisions like this for them. They won't even need to worry! Where was I? Yeah! These Batman Kids Comic Havaianas Sandals are durable, exceptional quality, and come all the way from Brazil! It is good to get the kids a bit of culture early, don'tcha think?

More Details:

  • - Color: Blue
  • - Licensor: Dc
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