Batman Free Spirit Junk Food Women's Slouch T-Shirt (Sold Out)

Images of Batman Free Spirit Junk Food Women's Slouch T-Shirt
Batman Free Spirit Junk Food 1/2 Sleeve T-Shirt
Size Chart:
Slim Small35.5614.0059.6923.50
Slim Medium38.115.0060.9624.00
Slim Large39.3715.5063.525.00
Slim XLarge41.9116.5064.7725.50
Slim vs. Classic’s Sizes
Slim t-shirt sizes, sometimes referred to as Baby Doll, reflect a cut that is generally straighter and therefore tighter-fitting around the bust. Slim sizes are designed to fit teenagers and young women, although many women of all ages prefer the tighter-fitting Slim style, as it generally considered to be more fashionable.
Classic t-shirt sizes, sometimes referred to as Misses, run a bit wider than Slim sizes because women tend to have larger bodies than girls who have not fully developed in their teenage years. Classic sizes are often preferred by women and teenagers wanting a looser fit.
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If there's a softer Batman t-shirt on our website than this Batman Free Spirit Junk Food Women's Slouch T-Shirt, I'd point you in that direction. But whatever sorcery the wizards at Junk Food used when putting together this 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend garment laughs in the face of either material's previous ideas of "soft". As if that weren't enough to sell this Batman t-shirt on comfort alone, said wizards have fashioned it in a "slouch"-style design, so the sleeves hang low, the neck hangs low and the back hangs even lower. Comfy enough for you?  How about printing a giant Bat Signal hovering watchfully over a sleepy Gotham City, scrawling the protector's name and locale below and calling it a day. Yep, the Batman Free Spirit Junk Food Women's Slouch T-Shirt is what the folks at Junk Food do best - very soft, very limited, and very cool!

Note - the sizing chart is incorrect! This is a special style shirt from Junk Food and measures as:

(width by height)
Small: 22'' by 17.5''
Medium: 22.5'' by 18.5''
Large: 23'' by 19''
X-Large: 23.5'' by 20''

More Details:

  • - Color: White
  • - Sleeve Type: Short Sleeve
  • - Licensor: Dc
  • - Style Attributes: Symbol, Image, Distressed, Premium
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