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Superhero Picture Of The Day – 03.11.09 – Grace Park’s Butt!

For those of you who are not geeky enough to know who the hottest chick in the galaxy. Grace Park is Boomer from the awesome Sci-Fi series Battlestar Galactica. So, in honor of her hot awesomeness we’re choosing her Cylon butt for our Superhero pic of the day.

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park/Boomers Butt!

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park/Boomer's Butt!

Grace Park (born March 14, 1974) is an American-born Canadian actress of Korean descent. She is best known for playing Sharon Valerii (humanoid Cylon Number Eight) on Battlestar Galactica.

Grace was born in LA, but then moved to Canada to escape the impending Cylon attack from the mid-East. Unfortunately for every boy between the ages of 13 and 75, she is married and is currenlty living in Vancouver BC with her husband (for all you stalker freaks.. text me later, I’ll give you the address to the gym she works out at). Grace, and her fantastic butt were both named #93 in Maxim Online’s 2006 Hot 100 List, though, she will always be #1 (and #2) on our list!

Grace Park Unzipped Flight Suit

Grace Park Unzipped Flight Suit

The Battlestar miniseries starts off with the Cylons return from their forty-year silent absence to destroy and exterminate the human race, kicking off the attack with a sudden, unexpected and simultaneous “nuculear” atomization of the Twelve Colonies. All but two of Colonial Fleet’s military Battlestar ships; Pegasus and Galactica, are destroyed, thanks to a virus that swept through the fleet.

Aside from having a much more sophisticated and in depth story, compared to the original 1978 BG series, the Cylons are shown to have gained the ability to mimic human form.. but only beautiful human form. There are no Cylon fatties and they all look absolutely fantastic!

In the final scenes of the miniseries, Cylon Number Six warns Baltar that Cylon agents, who may even be programmed to believe that they are human, could still be within the fleet. Adama finds a cryptic message in his quarters reading simply,

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park Cylon #8 In Confinement

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park Cylon #8 In Confinement

“There are only 12 Cylon models.” On Ragnar, that spinning weapons depot space station out in space, a group of humanoid Cylons free Aaron Doral (Galactica’s tour guide, who was left behind after Baltar “discovered” he was a Cylon). Remember Baltar framed an innocent human for being a Cylon when in reality he wasn’t, only to find that he was when he’s rescued by his other Cylon friends. Don’t you love the twists? Anyway, the last Cylon to enter the room, on Ragnar, (remember?) is none other than… another copy of Lt. Sharon Valerii, which means that the one on Galactica is a Cylon as well. GASP!! HOLY SH!T!!

So, the deal is that Lt. Junior Grade Sharon “Boomer” Valerii is a Cylon sleeper agent who is programmed to believe that she is human. She has been implanted with false memories of being raised on Troy by her parents, who supposedly died in an accident that killed all the members on the mining colony. Due to her programming, Boomer sabotages Galactica’s water tanks, but has no conscious memory of doing so… only to find some explosives in her posession and a wet duffle bag. OOPS!!

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park/Boomer Punch!

Battlestar Galactica - Grace Park/Boomer Punch!

Boomer eventually begins to suspect something may be wrong with her, as she continuously finds herself in weird places with no memory of what she was doing. She even asks Baltar to do the genetic blood test thingie to see if she really is a Cylon or not. Although his test demonstrates that she really is, indeed, a Cylon, Baltar decides to not inform anyone of his findings out of fear that she’ll snap his neck with her thighs. … So, Boomer is all relieved that she’s not a Cylon, but starts thinking something is still definitely wrong with her to the point that she tries to kill herself but her programming doesn’t allow her to execute herself.

Throughout the show, there are two prominent Number Eight copies, both of them equally as hot as the other, serving as Galactica pilots are Sharon Valerii and Sharon Agathon, using the call signs “Boomer” and “Athena“, respectively. Remember Boomer is the first one, who was also the black dude from the original 1978 BG series who flew a Viper then instead of a shuttle, who ends up shooting Adama three times in the chest and gut. Jesus, he shouldn’t have survived that at close range. And then Athena comes in later. After that… it gets pretty confusing, especially if you’re watching on Netflix and you’re a year behind like I am cause I’m too much of a snob to watch it on a stupid 17″ monitor online.

Anyway, there are a lot of Number Eight Cylon copies that have been seen in various Cylon-occupied areas and in leadership positions, remember the prison colony that stupid Baltar got them all captured on when he was President. A bunch of Eights are found aboard the Basestar orbiting Kobol that Boomer destroys and another Eight is shown as a Cylon leader when both main character Eights are elsewhere.

I can’t wait till last season comes out on disc. Being a year behind sucks blue Manhatten sausage!

Battlestar Galactica Grace Park/Boomer Shoot To Kill

Battlestar Galactica Grace Park/Boomer Shoot To Kill

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4 Responses to “Superhero Picture Of The Day – 03.11.09 – Grace Park’s Butt!”

  1. JamesK says:

    Great looking ass posted on my birthday.
    Looks great on my 42″ Panasonic Viera.

  2. energy says:

    Quite guys, she is only a machine!!!

  3. Daehak says:

    Spashes a load on Boomer… then Athena.. then Boomer some more.

  4. TerminatorsOverCylons says:

    Come on folks, she isn’t hot. Cute at best. She’s too flat.