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Tron The Movie - by Walt Disney
Tron came out in 1982, produced by Walt Disney, starring a much younger Jeff Bridges, who you might remember as the bad guy in Iron Man? Bridges plays Kevin Flynn a software engineer who works for ENCOM. Another programmer, Ed Dillinger, takes credit for Flynn's work and gets promoted while Flynn is sent to work at the local arcade.

It gets a little crazy from her on out. You have Dillinger, the human bad guy, Master Control Program, MCP, the software bad guy, and a couple other ENCOM employees working with Flynn who are good guys. Alan Bradley, good guy software engineer, was working on a security program called Tron, to monitor communications between the MCP and the outside world. MCP has intentions of breaking into the Pentagon to run things more efficiently than humans, essentially "taking control" of things and uses a lazer to digitize Flynn, who was trying to hack into the ENCOM system, and placed in the Mainframe. Once digitized, Flynn finds programs that resemble their human creators [the Users].

What follows is a big battle, cool motorcycle race, collisions, "deaths" and Flynn realizes he, a User, has something akin to "god like powers" in this digital realm yet still has to work with Tron to stop MCP, expose Dillinger for the dick he really is and oh yeah... get back to the real world. ... No problemo!

Rent the original movie, then go see the sequel!
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