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Whoa, only two buttons? How did we ever get anything done in the 1980s? Oh, that's right. Everything was 2D and it was pretty much 'jump' or 'attack'...or some variation! These days we have 4 shoulder buttons, 4 face buttons, two analog sticks, and a D-pad at the very least! We can fly military drones with precision and finesse with new controllers; those old school Nintendo ones would be good Still, nothing beats a trip down memory lane. The Nintendo Controller Lanyard is 17 inches long with a 4.25 inch long by 2.75 inch wide sleeve for ID cards! The necklace part is also printed with images of said controller and the retro NES logo! The icing on the cake? A rubber Nintendo controller above the ID sleeve! The Nintendo Controller Lanyard is for you, retro gamer!

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  • - Licensor: Nintendo
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