Star Trek Distressed Insignia Juniors T-Shirt (Sold Out)

Images of Star Trek Distressed Insignia Juniors T-Shirt
Size Chart:
Slim Small36.8314.5064.7725.50
Slim Medium39.3715.5066.0426.00
Slim Large40.6416.0068.5827.00
Slim XLarge44.4517.5068.5827.00
Classic Small46.9918.5060.9624.00
Classic Medium50.820.0063.525.00
Classic Large54.6121.5064.7725.50
Classic XLarge59.6923.5066.0426.00
Classic XXLarge66.0426.0069.8527.50
Slim vs. Classic’s Sizes
Slim t-shirt sizes, sometimes referred to as Baby Doll, reflect a cut that is generally straighter and therefore tighter-fitting around the bust. Slim sizes are designed to fit teenagers and young women, although many women of all ages prefer the tighter-fitting Slim style, as it generally considered to be more fashionable.
Classic t-shirt sizes, sometimes referred to as Misses, run a bit wider than Slim sizes because women tend to have larger bodies than girls who have not fully developed in their teenage years. Classic sizes are often preferred by women and teenagers wanting a looser fit.
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While wearing this great 100% cotton Star Trek Distressed Insignia Juniors T-Shirt, make sure you stay away from Vidiians. Those guys steal organs due to the species effecting disease 'the Phage' so if they don't have any problems taking organs than this soft t-shirt for the ladies is definitely in the sphere of things that they'll take! It's okay though, here on Earth we are protected by Starfleet. The Star Trek Distressed Insignia Juniors T-Shirt  is a very dark indigo with a distressed Starfleet logo! It doesn't work as a translator, but it does show your love for all things Star Trek!

More Details:

  • - Color: Blue
  • - Sleeve Type: Short Sleeve
  • - Licensor: Star Trek
  • - Style Attributes: Symbol, Distressed
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