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Measuring 6" high, this vinyl bobble head is rendered in the deformed shape and likeness of the Empire's most dependable bounty hunter, Boba Fett! And his head...bobbles! It shakes to and fro! It nods side to side and shakes feverishly at the mention of Han Solo! It's Boba Fett! He was an underused but surprisingly popular character after the fact in the hit series of Star Wars films! It's Boba Fett! He's a a bounty hunter! Yes, the reason your Uncle Rick is encased in Carbonite is because this fella' got the bounty! After he flies you 5 miles outside of Tatooine's atmosphere, he'll drop you into the Sarlacc pit! And then catch you before you actually fall into it and drop you...again! And then he'll encase you in Carbonite. Because he can't very well encase you in Carbonite if you're being digested by the Sarlaac for....7500 years or something.

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  • - Licensor: Star Wars
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