Warcraft Taz' Dingo Premium Action Figure (Sold Out)

Images of Warcraft Taz' Dingo Premium Action Figure
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Stay away from the Voodoo! The trolls of World of Warcraft hail from several tribes - the Amani, the Zandalari, the Skullsplitter, and the Dark Spear to name a few. Of course some of them evolved into the Night Elves when exposed to the Sunwell, who then evolved into Blood Elves but enough of the history lesson. This is about the man-eating, mojo wielding trolls of the Horde! In World of Warcraft, the trolls occupy a special place...mainly as a bunch of savages who just want to kill gods and eat people...cept for the player trolls! They just want to hang out, play bongos, and watch 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. Well, maybe not this 6 inch tall Warcraft Taz'Dingo Premium Action Figure. He is a hunter and even comes with his own frost trap and PVP gear! That means he can fight your other action figures, and because of his high resilience he won't take much damage. Let's hope he isn't Beast Mastery spec'd!

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