15 Years of SuperHeroStuff

Our 15 Year History


Ah, yes, 1999-2001...golden years for us here at SuperHeroStuff.com! Phantom Menace, X-Men, and Lord of the Rings were released, Playstation 2 came out, Napster was created and opened up a smash-and-grab on music, the official tally of the human population reached 6 million, and SuperHeroStuff.com was founded! We started off with 4 shirts and people needed to mail in a check to purchase an order (bonus points if it was in crayon). A little bit more complicated than it is these days, isn't it? I also vaguely remember gathering around a giant, black obelisk while we grunted and pounded our chests. There may have also been some MIDI music as well but don't quote me on that! I guess we are lucky we didn't start on GeoCities or Angelfire, right?


2002-2003 saw SuperHeroStuff.com continue to grow. We relaunched for the first time and our website took on a familiar black background. However, we were still a far cry from the nice and shiny website we have today. Our inventory expanded constantly and our collective hearts thoroughly enjoyed the likes of X2 and Nightcrawler's impressive intro, Firefly and its shortlived but well loved flame, Return of the King sweeping up all of the movie awards, and Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor of California which still provides an ever font of comedic gold. 'Remember when I said you would be vote, Sully? I LIED'.

At this point, somebody realized that this could be a full fledged business and not just an excuse to mess around and shoot rubber bands at each other. Well, we definitely became a fully formed operation but we continued to pummel each other rubber-based projectiles for a few more years. Hey, this almost sounds like a police sting!


In 2004, we decided to experiment with changing icons on SuperHeroStuff.com! Sure, it was entirely too busy but let's be honest...we were all drunk on high speed cable internet. Up to that point, cable was for the gamers but not anymore; now it was for high-powered purchasing! Hooray! This year also heralded Spider-Man 2, the coming of Facebook(which is probably a sign of the apocalypse), DC Comics' Identity Crisis and the reason Batman doesn't trust anybody, and Marvel's Avengers Disassembled.

Now that Facebook was founded, we got a chance to interact with all of you fine people and share with you 'all the internet funnies'. To be honest, I'm surprised we don't have more kitten-related things considering that we are an internet business. Isn't that what this whole bloody thing is all about? KITTENS? Oh, and Batman. He's always sneaking in places!


My, my...I think I know how Pinocchio felt when he became a real boy! Look at that website...starting to look pretty good! 2005 saw a great deal of impressive things...and not so impressive things. We had House of M from Marvel, Infinite Crisis from DC Comics, Batman Begins, and Revenge of the Sith. If that wasn't good enough for you, 2005 also saw the rise of Youtube which is probably the reason why you don't pay for cable TV anymore. Probably.

2006 must have been the yin to the yang because 2006 had Superman Returns, X3: the Last Stand, and Pluto was de-listed as a planet which I'm still upset about...and I don't care about it moving inside the orbit of Neptune every once and awhile. At least we were saved by Marvel's Annihilation event and Civil War. I could watch Captain America and Iron Man fight each other till the end of time!


2007 and 2008 saw some major changes for us here at SuperHeroStuff.com! Acquired by Jon Belzer and Brian Welch, SuperHeroStuff.com moved to a humble warehouse in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. If you don't know where that is...don't worry! People that live around there don't even know where it is! My guess is that the warehouse we were in was probably built around the turn of the century and certainly had the personality to boot. I think we were waiting for a super villain to show up and kick us out of the place!

At least we had the likes of the Dark Knight, Iron Man, Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, Transformers, and World War Hulk to tide us over. I guess Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark must have been awfully busy with their toys as well because gas hit a 100 bucks a barrel for the first time in human history. Now if only we could get the Iron Man suit to come in black. Perhaps we should check with Morgan Freeman!


Now we are really cooking with fire! I should I write it, 'FIIIYAAAH'!? In 2009-2010 we decided to redesign our website into that nice, shiny, and streamlined beast you see before you. Along those lines, we also got out there in the trenches and went to our first comic convention! Good times man, good times. I should also note that the holiday seasons saw one of the colder ones on record and our beloved warehouse's heating system couldn't keep up. Needless to say, we procured some heat lamps and then developed our own faux religion regarding their use. Sungods be praised and let their light shine upon thee.

These years also had the Blackest Night, Brightest Day, War of Kings, and Watchmen(the movie) which leads me to believe that the comic book world was in a bit of a tizzy. Zombies superheros, Asgardian throwdowns, and quantum imbued beings? Yeah, I guess we are lucky we even made it out alive! We aren't stuck here with you, YOU ARE STUCK HERE WITH US! Oh, how we love that quote. Also, rage-imbued cats. Yeah.


Sooner or later, you get a little big around the the britches. In 2011 and 2012 we moved to a brand new, freshly built warehouse located in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania which was only about ten minutes east from our previous location. I should also note that the actual week we moved was the hottest on record in this state so, you know, that was a lot of fun. Nuclear Man from Superman IV showed up as well and started threatening people with his deadly fingernails...or was that a heat-induced hallucination? I guess we will never know!

2011 and 2012 had some of the biggest events in recent comic book goodness; Fear Itself, Spider Island, Schism, Flashpoint, Thor and Captain America movies, X-Men: First Class, and the Avengers movie(hooray)! Ghost Rider 2 and Green Lantern was in there as well but you can take that as is. AS IS!


In the past two years we took to our longboats and started raiding the shores of the warehouse next to us, pillaging and taking what we saw fit ushering in 800 years of darkness. Wait, no...that was the Vikings and Dark Ages but we did expand our warehouse greatly by almost doubling our floor space. This provided us much more room for new items, our growing convention team, and activities. That last one would have been better with bunk beds but there is always that cursed word...logistics!

Unless you have been living under a rock or in deep orbit then you've seen at least a fraction of the goodness that is recent comic lore; Age of Ultron(comics), Spider-Verse, Goblin Nation, Trinity War, Forever Evil, the Wolverine, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Days of Futures Past, Guardians of the Galaxy...the list just goes on! We don't know about you guys, but we are definitely excited for the things to come. Shadowcat actually sent an employee's consciousness back from the future and everything works out...Star Wars, Batman versus Superman, and Avengers 2 are awesome! Everything works out!