SuperHeroStuff Staff

Meet Our Heroes

Jon Belzer
Jon is the CEO and majority owner of the company. Having graduated top of his class with an emphasis in insane spreadsheet analyses, quantum number crunching and advanced negotiations, Jon brought his MBA/CPA venture capital skills to in 2007 when he orchestrated a deal to acquire the website. He had a vision for SuperHeroStuff that it could become the de facto online retail store for comic book enthusiasts and possibly even make money for its owners (go figure). Jon’s many business savvy skills include out-of-the-box thinking, an immovable and adamant belief that workers should work because they like to and they should be thankful they have a place to go for 10 hours out of the day, his ability to negotiate special deals with vendors, and the impressive capacity to say, “the check is in the mail,” with a straight face.

Jon has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Gonzaga University and a MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA. When he’s not working, he’s working. He has four small kids.

Favorite Hero: Superman

Brian Welch
Head of Operations
Brian is a co-owner of the company and heads up the operations at our secret headquarters in Sinking Spring...oh shoot, guess the secrets out. He keeps the business on track by ensuring the warehouse doesn’t explode and the employees don’t riot.

When Brian isn’t running around the office kicking chairs, knocking things over and demanding to be called He Who Knoweth, he enjoys brewing his own beer, making his own cheese and raising his flock of chickens. He is also at least 3 issues behind on every comic he reads, so if you see him in public please try and spoil everything for him.

Favorite Hero: The Leaper

Tiras Buck
Senior Buyer
Hired on as warehouse lackey #1, Tiras quickly went from learning how to run a computer (the first he’s ever worked with outside his Radio Shack 1979 calculator, complete with red leds) to being the usurper of Brian’s position and now finds himself firmly planted upon the platinum throne of…HE WHO BUYS! That’s right; he’s now the Senior Buyer for He is also sometimes referred to as, “He Who Buys What He Likes With Someone Else’s Card Carrying an Account Balance Bordering on the Infinite!!!”’ If you refer to him this way while rubbing his belly, you might find yourself with a friend for life. Consider him one of those My Buddy dolls from the 1980’s….but with slightly more pronounced views on music he considers atrocious.

In his off time Tiras manages to read comics enjoys movies, sci-fi, painful exercises and flashy art-rock. Not being able to read a map or figure out Twitter, Tiras fills some of discretionary time playing Street Fighter 2 on his Super NES and insists on refusing to buy a Smart Phone, afraid that it will bind itself to his cerebral cortex, forcing him to watch cable television.

Favorite Hero: Iron Man & Black Panther

Andy Hollinger
Catalog Manager
Andy is’s very own Catalog Manager. He makes sure that everything that all the products on our websites are complete with quality photos and accurate, informative descriptions. He personally takes all the pictures of our products and Photoshops them and makes sure all the items are properly categorized in the database and beats the living h*&% out anyone who inputs information incorrectly, like labeling a superhero Marvel t-shirt as a Dr. Seuss item. The database/inventory accountability role is incredibly important and we’re lucky to have Andy around to ensure consistency with our pictures and product information. Andy is one of our hardest workers. His goal is to break his 16 hour record from last Black Friday.

In his off time, Andy is an expert bike mechanic and avid mountain biker. He loves Disc Golf and hates bears. He plans on working with until he retires. Andy also likes to collect Marvel Bowen busts and loves superhero and action movies, especially those made by Quentin Tarantino.

Favorite Hero: Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell)

Danielle Deihm
Customer Service
Danielle is our lead Customer Service gal. If there is an angry, calcitrant, obnoxious customer from hell, Dainelle is able to talk him or her off the ledge with her self-taught communication skills of unsurpassed quality. She can literally handle anything thrown at her… including the lonely guys out there who send her stuff in the mail and call up once a week, refusing to talk to anyone but Danielle, asking the most pedantic, contrived questions just to say they talked to a cute girl that week. We would be completely lost without Danielle.

Favorite Hero: Black Widow

Eric Frost
Wholesale Manager
Eric has been with the company since April 2012. His responsibilities include managing our wholesale merchandise program, developing licensing and artist relations, and working with our vendors to create unique merchandise for our three major lines of business (online, conventions, wholesale). Prior to SuperHeroStuff, Eric spent 14 years in the licensed merchandise industry as sales consultant to retail stores. His client list included all sizes and types of retail stores, from small independent boutiques to international chain stores like Zumiez, Sears Canada, Marks Work Wearhouse and HMV. When Eric’s not glued to his phone or keyboard, he pursues his other passions: back country hiking, snowboarding and cycling.

Favorite Hero: Spider-Man

Jake Troxell
Creative Director
Jake is our creative director. He wears many hats. In this picture he is wearing a top hat. The other day I saw him wearing a trucker hat. Oh yeah, he also wears many professional hats too: graphic designer, newsletter manager, website manager and social media director. Jake is a self-taught graphic artist with a B.A. in Advertising from Temple University.

When he’s not basking in the warm glow of a computer monitor, you can find Jake skateboarding, mountain biking, enjoying mexican food or trying to figure out why Ghost Rider 3 hasn’t gone into production yet.

Favorite Hero: Ghost Rider & Ant Man (Eric O’Grady)

Ned Butz
Warehouse Manager
Ned is constantly reinventing our warehouse to be more efficient so that on days when we get a million orders, yours will still make it out the door in time. When Ned isn't being the bossman out in the warehouse, he enjoys throwing darts, craft beers and coaching baseball.

Favorite Hero: Batman