Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt
Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt- Close Up
Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt- No Neck
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Ant-Man Schematic T-ShirtAnt-Man Schematic T-Shirt- Close UpAnt-Man Schematic T-Shirt- No NeckSize Chart

Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt

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When Michael Douglas asks you to become the 'ANNNNNT-MAN', what will be your first step? Donning the costume? Making a witty quip? Nah, the first step is gaining the powers of the 100% cotton Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt! It won't allow you to shrink or grow or speak to ants with your mind but it will show off the schematics needed to create 'the Ant-Man'. And yes, it is too late to change the name of the Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt. Deal with it!

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  • Sku: tsantschematic
  • Color: Heather Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Ant-Man Schematic T-Shirt

Edgar A.
Phoenix, AZ
submitted 2 years ago

I love it, just wished they made a Wasp shirt too.