Aquaman by Neal Adams T-Shirt
Aquaman by Neal Adams T-Shirt- Close Up
Aquaman by Neal Adams T-ShirtAquaman by Neal Adams T-Shirt- Close Up

Aquaman by Neal Adams T-Shirt

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Can you hear music underwater, or can everybody hear the 'marching' band music approaching from Aquaman's little cavalcade of his finely fishy friends? I see batons have lost their appeal under the sea, which sucks because I thought I remembered a crazy lobster in the Little Mermaid using one at one point. Oh, well....maybe on another Neal Adam shirt!  We'll call that guy up and ask him kindly to draw us another extremely detailed image of the Prince of Atlantis. This time we'll get Aquaman riding an octopus like a carousel. That'll give Aquaman some street cred with those claiming he isn't 'gangster' enough. 100% cotton Aquaman shirts help you glide effortlessly through the ocean (not really), talk to fish (again, not really), and...allow for your hand to become a hook and then back again (seriously, are you kidding me?).

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  • Sku: tsaquanealadams
  • Color: Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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submitted 6 years ago

I'm swimming with the cool fish with this shirt