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Aquaman Water Power Men's T-Shirt



Aquaman Water Power Men's T-Shirt


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Aquaman's blows carry the weight of a towering 500-foot wave.

Seriously, when the nearly indestructible undersea scion throws a punch, it's like being struck by a massive tidal wave carrying boulders, steel doors, and perhaps a corn-filled silo or two.

Made from 100% cotton, our Aquaman Water Power Men's T-Shirt features a powerful image of Aquaman in all his underwater majesty:

He's preparing to unload a succession of tsunamis against some poor, ill-equipped nation of the surface world.

This commanding image of Aquaman -- which positively pops off this navy-blue t-shirt for men -- is rendered by master artist Ivan Reis; he captures the royal station, determination, and restraint of the Justice League's oceanic ally.

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Reviews of Aquaman Water Power Men's T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 3 reviews)
Glen, SuperHeroStuff.com junkie
Plymouth, MA

Fits every bit as comfortable as I'd hoped it would!

Submitted 1 year ago
Ruby Merchant

Arthur´s spitting image made true, now available on Superherostuff.com. Best fitting on you ever.

Submitted 6 months ago
Charlotte, NC

I love the graphics.

Submitted 1 year ago