Avengers Infinity War Kawaii Loungefly Mini Backpack


Avengers Infinity War Kawaii Loungefly Mini Backpack


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The perfect mini-backpack for mini-Thanos.

Yes, it's miniature Thanos, everyone! Marvel's extra cute, demographically doted on, and delightfully diminutive Thanos iteration who squeaks when he talks and grants more hugs than head-butts.


Celebrating the newer, cuter, kid-friendly Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, we present the incredibly sturdy and fashionable Avengers Infinity War Kawaii Loungefly Mini Backpack.

There's no safer place to store your Infinity Stones than this Thanos-resistant Infinity War bag featuring reinforced padding, copious pockets, and adjustable straps.

Let's break it down:

The exterior!

  • A cute outer space background featuring Thanos, Winter Solider, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and many, MANY more!

  • The sides feature pockets lined with intricate stitching.

  • Long, adjustable shoulder straps with solid metal buckles.

  • A handy top handle!

Sizable pockets!

  • The front of the bag is adorned with a metal Avengers: Infinity War stamp, possibly forged in the fires of a melted Asgard, post-Ragnarok.

  • A main pocket accessed by way of two metallic zippers!

  • And the lining? Exquisite -- a soft, smooth, black interior layered with a repeating pattern of Marvel logos.

Dimensions? Materials? Fine: 

  • Measures 8" wide, 10" high, and roughly 5.5" deep.
  • Materials: a smooth faux-leather.

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