Infinity War Captain America Group Men's T-Shirt

$14.99 Reg.$28.99


Infinity War Captain America Group Men's T-Shirt

$14.99 Reg.$28.99


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Get this man a shield.

Captain America (or is it Nomad now?) has been having a nice, well-earned vacation in Wakanda since the events of Civil War.

Sunshine, fruity cocktails, and rhino-shuffleboard are his only concerns now – that is until his vacation in paradise is interrupted by the Mad Titan, Thanos. He should have thought twice about ruining Cap’s vacay. Now it’s time for WAR.

Made from 100% cotton, our Infinity War Captain America Group Men's T-Shirt features the furious face of the raggedly dressed Steve Rogers as he rushes headlong into battle, presumably against Thanos and his Black Order.

It appears he hasn’t had time to get his suit dry cleaned since the tiff with Tony Stark in Siberia.

Surrounded by an Infinity Stone-encrusted Avengers logo and handsomely juxtaposed beneath the official Avengers: Infinity War logo, Cap is backed up by Black Panther, Winter Solider, and Black Widow.

These heroes will stop at nothing to keep the universe safe from Thanos’ tough no-vacation policy. And his plan to destroy half the universe…

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Reviews of Infinity War Captain America Group Men's T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 2 reviews)
San Bernardino


Submitted 1 year ago
Ellijay, ga

I freaking love this shirt! If only it had falcon, it would have all my favorites in one place!!!

Submitted 1 year ago

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