Avengers Symbol Pewter Keychain

Avengers Symbol Pewter Keychain

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Need something to wrangle up those keys of yours to Stark Tower, the SHIELD Hellicarrier, and Frank Castle's Home for Wayward Kittens? Well you are in luck because we have the just shy of a 2 inch diameter Avengers Symbol Pewter Keychain! Raised 1/4 of an inch, this fantastic keychain is rugged and a perfect way to have your keys 'assemble' just like Marvel's Mightest Heroes. Just remember; if you can't defend the Earth then you will damn well Avengers Symbol Pewter Keychain it! That is what Iron Man said, wasn't it? 

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  • Sku: keyavngpew
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Symbol Pewter Keychain

Bergenfield, NJ
submitted 3 years ago

I love my Avengers keychain. It's made of sturdy material and looks fantastic. I wouldn't mind wearing it as a medallion.

Bobby Martin
East Brunswick, NJ
submitted 3 years ago

This pewter keychain is in the symbol of the famous Avengers "A". It's sturdy enough for a lot of keys and looks fantastic

submitted 4 years ago

Excellent quality

Winnipeg, Canada
submitted 5 years ago

I bought this along with the Green Lantern keychain, made by the same company. Where the GL symbol is solid pewter, the Avengers symbol is hollow. It's not bad by any means, but it's a less satisfying design by comparison. Everything is solid but the small metal loop that holds everything together. The one on my keychain was slightly crooked when it arrived. I plan to replace it with a small keychain ring to make the whole thing more solid, as I did with the GL keychain. I'll be using the carabiner, and was glad to discover it's of high quality. Solid construction; nice firm spring. I'd recommend the keychain to anyone looking for one of this design, because I doubt you'll find better. I've just been spoiled by the solid designs used on other keychains by the same company, so I had to ding it a star for the hollow back. If I didn't have anything to compare it to, I'd have rated it 5 stars.