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Avengers Distressed Logo Black Jogger Pants

$12.99 Reg.$31.99


Avengers Distressed Logo Black Jogger Pants

$12.99 Reg.$31.99


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Fashionable jogging pants for Avengers-in-training!

Cap wants your sorry super-a$$e$ by the Quinjet at 0500 hours on the dot (and yes, that's 5:00am). 

Sure, you have super-powers, but you have no idea how to use them. Captain America? He knows how to use them, and he'll teach you how to use them -- safely, and without incident.

Here, wear these Avengers Distressed Logo Black Jogger Pants and prepare yourself -- Cap's a swell guy, but when it comes to training, he's a vicious son of a (**bleeeeep**).

Made from a very soft 100% cotton, these Avengers jogging pants feature a white, purposely distressed Avengers logo running along the leg, capped by the encircled, inspiring "A."

And yes, they're not only functional activewear, they're stylish activewear for lower impact workouts like binge-watching, texting, lounging, taking selfies while lounging, and capturing that perfect shot of your underwhelmed cat for "the gram."

More reasons why your brand-new Avengers jogging pants are simply the coolest:

  • Soft? Oh, yeah.
  • An elastic waistband with drawstring tie.
  • Elastic ankle bands!
  • Spacious pockets!

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