Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet
Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet - Back View
Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet - Inside View
Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged WalletAvengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet - Back ViewAvengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet - Inside View

Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet

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Here's a rectangular, hinged wallet for the ladies featuring a beautiful image of preeminent members of the Avengers Initiative...rushing you! Because what you have in your purse is NOT a pretty paperweight; it's the freakin' COSMIC CUBE! Ahem. Anyway, pressing the tab to open your Avengers wallet we revel in the multiple pockets for cards, a zip-up pocket for...stuff..and a clear slot for photo ID's. NEAT! Closed, this ladies Avengers wallet measures 7" high and 3.75" across. Open, it measures 7.5" across. NEAT!

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Movie Ladies Hinged Wallet

Kim, Avengers Addict
Alberta, Canada
submitted 5 years ago

I've had this wallet for about two months now, and still adore it. It doesn't hold nearly as much as my old wallet, and very little change, which is a bit disappointing (I have to keep my extra cards in my purse instead of wallet, which now carries only the absolute essentials). Some parts of the lining are starting to lift off the interior. The place for the cards is quite tight, even with very few cards in it, making it a bit difficult to get the cards out. It latches just fine, however, and it's so gorgeous - just pointing these notes out for future buyers, and even tho I love it and would still recommend it, I have to give it a proper rating b/c of the quality (seems to wear easily on the inside) and lack of room for change and cards!

submitted 6 years ago

Bought it for Christmas for a granddaughter so won't know how she likes for a couple of weeks. However I thought I had ordered a Wonder woman wallet as she is a girl. My mistake.

submitted 6 years ago

i love this wallet - its exactly what i wanted but unfortunately the plastic comes away from the hinge quite quickly which makes it fall apart :( could have been the one i got though so I wouldn't put you off getting the product - probably just my bad luck :(

Alexandria, Marvel Addict
Vancouver, BC
submitted 6 years ago

Honestly? I get SO many compliments on this thing. And sure, they may have it Spencers, or something like it, but it's WAY cooler to say to someone, "yeah, I ordered it offline." My only complaint, not much space on the inside. No room for change, and the lining breaks off easily if you try to stuff too much in there. Oh well, still super awesome, and I recommend it to everyone. :3

Vancouver, BC
submitted 6 years ago

This is now my favourite thing in my purse. It's large and holds my stuff, although I'm sure if I had more it would be bursting! I don't think I've ever had a wallet I've liked this much. Only reason I wouldn't recommend it to a friend is because I want it all for myself!

submitted 6 years ago

wallet seperated from the frame of the wallet two weeks after i got it. I brought this wallet from america and a reputable superhero shop thinking i would get a good quality wallet and all i got is a broken wallet

Steph who loves the Avengers very much
submitted 6 years ago

Love this wallet...LOVE! The only thing is when I put change in it, the vinyl near the top clasp separated from the metal frame - because there was no way I was giving it up, I glue it together again. They aren't made to hold much, but they are one of the best accessories you can have!

Surprise Az
submitted 6 years ago

She loves it...perfect for the Comic Cons