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Batgirl Born to Be Snapsuit with Tutu

$15.99 Reg.$19.99

Batgirl Born to Be Snapsuit with Tutu

$15.99 Reg.$19.99

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Some children are simply born with it.

Born with what, exactly? Why, the inherent abilities and indomitable will to become Batgirl, an incredibly capable crimefighter who can tolerate Batman's demanding training regimen.

How do you know your child is destined to become a bat-eared, backflipping guardian of Gotham City? Well, you don't -- her actual crime-fighting talents won't reveal themselves until she has AT LEAST four teeth and a rudimentary command of the English language.

What to do before your child turns three-and-a half? Slap your recently birthed, female child-creature in a Batgirl Born to Be Snapsuit with Tutu and sign her up for pre-toddler mixed martial arts.

Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this Batgirl snapsuit features a purple Batgirl symbol surrounded by perfectly spaced dollops of fine glitter.

Above and below said symbol, the following glitter-filled words: "BORN TO BE BATGIRL."

And yes, it features three handy snaps for handy snapping.

And the reason you're all here: A purple, ruffled tutu layered with liberally applied (and gloriously glittering) glitter.

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