Batgirl Little Caped Crusader Caped Snapsuit

$15.99 Reg.$19.99

Batgirl Little Caped Crusader Caped Snapsuit

$15.99 Reg.$19.99

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The mission

Yes, your child is only three months old, but Gotham is forever rife with crime (both average and super), corruption, and utterly inexcusable table manners. 

It's time to wrap your child in a Batgirl Little Caped Crusader Caped Snapsuit, place her in a very black stroller (with bat ears), and push her into the nearest gathering of extravagantly dressed super-villains.

Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this especially glimmering Batgirl snapsuit features a Batgirl symbol surrounded by thick glitter-print.

Below said symbol, a detailed Utility Belt filled with -- that's right -- shiny glitter-print.

And yes, that's a cape! A detachable cape made detachable by handy swatches of binding velcro.

And what's on the cape? Another Batgirl symbol! It's liberally slathered with -- yes, you guessed it -- glitter-print!

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