Batgirl Retro Girl's Thermal Pajama Set


Batgirl Retro Girl's Thermal Pajama Set


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Do your best crime-fighting right before bed.

That's right -- "Batman" gave you permission to patrol the kitchen, but only if you're back in "the cave" (i.e., your bedroom) by 7:30pm.

Now that you chased "The Joker" -- aka, your brother -- away from the snack drawer, it's time to drop off the cape and head to bed before "Batman" -- aka, your dad -- ziplines downstairs and gives you a stern look.

So, yes, drop the cape but keep something resembling the costume -- something perfect for sleeping and intermittent crime-busting if a certain someone makes another run for the snack drawer.

And yes, our Batgirl Retro Girl's Thermal Pajama Set is the perfect attire for sleeping and low-impact crime-wrangling

This two-piece Batgirl pajama set for girls features glistening material and stretchy, additional warmth. Let's break it down:

The pajama shirt:

  • Made from 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

  •  A soft, heather-gray pajama top featuring a glistening Batgirl symbol rendered in a golden glitter-print.

  • Long thermal sleeves covered in gray stars.

The pants:

  • Made from 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

  • Thermal material layered in gray stars.

  • Gray elastic waistband and ankle bands.

  • Another glitter-print Batgirl symbol residing on the back.

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