Batman Hush Tactical Backpack

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Batman and Lucius Fox really outdid themselves. Batman demanded a backpack designed from the same resilient mesh and flexible plating utilized in the actual Batman costume. 

Lucius was afraid the allotment of bleeding-edge Wayne-Tech to an undisclosed project might raise a few eyebrows, but with Hush on the loose, he eventually conceded and co-developed the Batman Hush Tactical Backpack. 

Batman provided a LOT of design input, hence the plentiful backpack attributes!

The Exterior!

The front of this Batman backpack is layered in stitched, bolted padding reflecting sturdy Bat-plating. This is layered over a mesh-patterned material reflecting a lighter, more flexible "chain mail" armor. 

Above the smaller front pocket, the specific Batman symbol utilized during the "Hush" story arc outlined in an embroidered black.

A Plethora of Bat-pockets!

The front and sides are littered with pockets secured by adjustable straps ending in solid metal clips.

The inside features a significant space for Bat-implements of all shapes and sizes, several smaller pouches, mesh pockets, and a larger pocket for notebooks, 15" laptops, and smaller, rectangular sundries.

More Helpful Information Regarding Your New Batman Backpack!

  • Measures 17" long and nearly 16" wide.
  • Can secure laptops up to 15-inches!
  • A handy padded handle for handy hand-carrying!
  • Made from 70% polyester and 30% polyurethane (faux leather).
  • Padded, adjustable straps with plastic clips for more secure closure!
  • Padded, stitched mesh on the backpack's back with a raised Batman Hush symbol for a comfortable, against-the-back fit!

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