Batman Action Grey 9Fifty Snapback Hat


J Rocka
So Cal

I was at Chick- Fil-A getting a tasty Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the pleasant employee saw my hat. She said, "You like Batman?" I said "Yeah, the hat gave it away, yeah?" She said it was "the earrings." This is my first new era style hat. My friends said keep the sticker. Batman does not need a sticker. Batman needs to punch faces in alleys. That is right. None of this hiding for 8 years over some girl who got blowed up and didn't love you! The Dark Knight Detective is out on the streets looking for some lips to bust. Oh hey you mugger, you think that knife makes you tough? Try fighting Killer Croc in the sewers during Thanksgiving you piece of trash. If your lucky Batman only breaks your legs in 1 spotl. Anyway this hat is really nice, grandma would say you look handsome. But not as handsome as Bruce Wayne.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.