Batman Adjustable Trucker Stiched Yellow Hat

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This 55% cotton 45% polyester adjustable strap Batman hat is great for letting a little wind blow through your hair while wearing a hat. Talk about the best of both worlds, right? The 'trucker' connotation of this hat refers to the mesh back of the hat, allowing much improved circulation. Maybe it helps hat hair, maybe it doesn't! I'm not really sure of the science of things, but we can just assume that it is good. I mean, how could the Batman possibly do anything wrong! That guy is so good he has a backup personality for when he loses himself. That's called having a contingency plan, people! I wish I had a split personality I could make do work. That would make things so much easier! I would use this hat as the designator. I am my split personality while wearing this hat, what do you want me to do?

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  • Licensor:DC
  • Hat Attributes:Snapback, Symbol/Logo, Adjustable, Rounded Bill
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I loved the look and yet was not happy with the fit, it bubbles out at the brim and i look like I have a tumor when i wear it.