Batman Arkham Inmate 59Fifty Hat

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Tokyo, Japan
5.0the BEST hat EVER09/11/2014

No jokes, this is the best hat ever. If you're looking for something unique, other than the typical superhero logos, this is he one. Standard NewEra hat, sick design, only those who gets it, will get it.

Arkham Asylum
3.0Criminally Insane?07/07/2014

Awesome Fitted, Great for many in Arkham, sadly not for anyone there with a Bane size head. This hat is super embroidered and awesome in color, but the biggest size they offer is 7 5/8, if only they cared about us larger inmates at Arkham Asylum, or at least ones with larger domes. Also runs a bit tight. Hopefully they start making these bigger before we get released from Arkham.