Batman Dark Knight Bank Robbers Web Belt


Batman Dark Knight Bank Robbers Web Belt


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Before he was the Joker, he was just a clown.
But an especially clever and ruthless clown -- the head of a notorious, clown-themed, bank-robbing crew that was strategically sacrificed to fund his next business venture.

And by "business venture," I mean his self-funded reign as Gotham's 'clown prince of crime,' the Joker.

Made from resilient web belt material and based on the hit film Batman: The Dark Knight, our Batman Dark Knight Bank Robbers Web Belt is slathered with the masks of Joker's former crew and filled with hastily scribbled "HA-HAs."

And, being a web belt, it's an adjustable, pants-securing implement.

Solid metal buckle! Yes, it's a solid-metal buckle featuring an enamel insert layered with an especially unhappy clown mask.

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