Batman on Fire Boxers
Batman on Fire Boxers-Front View
Batman on Fire Boxers-Back View
Batman on Fire BoxersBatman on Fire Boxers-Front ViewBatman on Fire Boxers-Back View

Batman on Fire Boxers

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The Batman on Fire Boxers will inspire you to take your crime fighting urges to the streets of Gotham! Yes a pair of underwear can have that affect on you! I mean, you pick them out, you wear them everyday, they can really set the tone for how your entire day will go. And if I'm correct you will have an epic day every time you wear the 100% cotton Batman boxers. 

Swinging out of the flames while taking down the bad guys, what more can you expect from your favorite caped crusader? 

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  • Sku: boxerbatfire
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
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Reviews of Batman on Fire Boxers

submitted 1 year ago

Very Comfortable, however no button on the fly in front and my junk keeps falling out through it!

Oakville, ON
submitted 2 years ago

Great fitting and comfortable.