Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set

Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Back View
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Close Up
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Back View Close Up
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Panty Front View
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Panty Back View
Size Chart
Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty SetBatgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Back ViewBatgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Close UpBatgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Corset Back View Close UpBatgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Panty Front ViewBatgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set- Panty Back ViewSize Chart

Batgirl Women's Corset and Panty Set

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You asked for it, and now it is is here it is the 100% polyester Batgirl Women's Corset & Panty Set! I'm not quite sure if you can wear this to the Ren Faire, but you'll be able to spruce things up around the house while wearing this soft Batgirl Women's Corset & Panty Set! You know, like cleaning up or playing video games. I'm not quite sure what else you could wear this kind of eludes me. I'm sure there are other uses for this set of underwear...but...I dunno! You could probably ask your significant other. They might have some ideas. Don't listen to them about it being for raking up leaves either! Blessed ignorance aside, the Batgirl Women's Corset & Panty Set has yellow 'ribs' that help to support the corset, tiered hook closures on the back for adjustments, stocking clasps, and a fine Bat symbol in the center of the corset and the panties!

"These Corsets run small please call customer service to better assist you if you are unsure of the sizing"


*Mid-Coverage Silhouette 
*Squared-Off Leg
*Bikini Rise
*Leg Line: Brief Cut
*Style: Rests On Hips
*Fit: Small

Underwear Returns Disclaimer

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  • Sku: corsetpantbgrl
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Costume

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South Australia

I was very happy with the quality of the product and the delivery speed but the corset itself is very small and being pretty small myself, even I struggle to fit into it. It does fit but just keep in mind how small the small size actually is. Overall very happy with everything.

DC fangirl

I really love this but the sizing is so off! I can just barely squeeze into the large even though I'm usually a medium. The size chart unfortunately isn't much to go on. A corset like this really needs measurements for the bust (not just bra size), waist and hips! Mine fit fine around the bust (which is really the only measurement they've given to base your size on) but I struggled with my hips. I'll get a little wear out of it but it's uncomfortable being so tight so it . response:

Sorry to hear that, we will do our best to clarify the sizing. Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!

Parsippany, NJ

I have worn this corset many, many times. My biggest complaint is that, while it fits me, it now buckles out in the stomach bc it is not a quality corset. It is cute, and I get compliments, unlike a normal corset, there is no lacing in the back, so that's why it buckles. I'd recommend it to a friend but only for a 1 time use deal.

Toulouse, France

Nothing to say, the quality is top, the size is perfectly ajusted. The ideal gift for a girlfriend fan of Batman ;)

Cleveland, OH

It's great. Just the right size and it came really quickly. Love it!!

Liverpool, England

So happy when this arrived despite having to pay an extra £13.31 duty tax (being in England), I should have gone a bigger size for my boobs sake but once i managed to get it on (with some help) I loved it. The fabric is lush and the pants are a very comfy fit. It is difficult to put on alone with all the clips but this is to be expected with any corset. I was so happy when this finally came back in stop and bought straight away.


I'm a 34A, I emailed the sales team and they said to get a small, and it fits perfectly on the cups but I can only just do it up on the back (it's on the widest setting) - and I have literally no fat on my ribs and a 23 inch waist! Also the pants came up way too small haha (34 inch hips). BUT it's gorgeous and the fabric is so lovely and smooth and shiny and it's so damn cool. Even if you're flat chested like me, I would say size up if you're not sure. Oh and beware customs fees! I had to pay 5 or 7 pounds extra once it arrived in England (after already shelling out £13 on postage - I wasn't impressed) There's a photo of me in it on my tumblr (laislamaldita) if you're still unsure

New York

I always take a small in things that I purchase, but the corset was very snug, even on the last row of hooks. It created an unflattering silhouette - to the point that I wanted to make an exchange for the medium. Unfortunately I was told that A. I would not be able to do so, even though the tag was still on and B. The 'Underwear Returns Disclaimer' states that "if you made a mistake in your order or need a different size, call us and we’ll do our best to work with you on a replacement purchase". I will be very wary of ordering items from this site from now on, if at all. response:

Sorry Gabbi but we do list the dimensions of the item and we do make it clear in our disclaimer that you can't return underwear. It's actually not legal for us to take it back and resell it. We can offer you a discount on a replacement purchase but can't accept a return on these items.


Trying to put it on is a little hard, but awesome colors, the clips are a nice feature, everything was as described


Exactly as described and totally awesome!!


Fits perfectly and looks awesome. I love it!

New York

I bought this at the New York Con in a medium and LOVE it. I might even get the Wonder Woman one online, too! Worth every penny.