Batman Robin All-Star Galaxy S3 Thinshield Case

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DC Comics' Dynamic Duo texts each other constantly on their Samsung Galaxy S3s - general stuff like 'lol I just got the Joker' or 'wtf Bane showed up the football game roflbbq'. They are surprisingly keen on cell phone jargon, believe it or not. You know what cell phone cases they use? The fantastic Batman Robin All-Star Galaxy S3 Thinshield Case of course! Showing off Jim Lee's All-Star version of the two, the Batman Robin All-Star Galaxy S3 Thinshield Case has a polycarbonate shell that is both rugged and lightweight! It'll help you catch rats if you get hungry that is for sure. 

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Québec, Qc

I love it. It fits perfectly with my cellphone. I'm so happy. I'm a big fan of Batman and Robin. Even if it's not Damian on this picture. i'm happy too.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
New York City

I love this design and so far my phone's ok, but it really does absolutely nothing to protect the phone - if you drop it, it braces initial impact partially, but just pops right off. If it was made to go over something else, like a rubber protector (like the one I originally got from Verizon) it'd be awesome. But right now I'm just constantly terrified of dropping it, when I never was before. I do get TONS of compliments on it tho!