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Batman Symbol Galaxy S4 Slider Case

Batman Symbol Galaxy S4 Thinshield Case

$1.99 Reg.$29.99
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Now people will know that it is James Gordon calling you when you pull out the Batman Symbol Galaxy S4 Thinshield Case! It may not actually be James Gordon / Gary Oldman, but people will see the black and yellow Batman symbol and just know. The Batman Symbol Galaxy S4 Thinshield Case protects your fancy Samsung Galaxy S4 while still allowing access to all major functions. That sort of thing is important when you are trying to finish that level of Candy Crush...err I mean try to find where Bane has hidden the bomb!

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  • Sku: cellbatsymgs4sld
  • Color: cellSamsung, Galaxy S4
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Galaxy S4 Thinshield Case

submitted 4 years ago

entire procedure was great and helpline too functioned whenever it was required.

Sabrina - Wife of Batman
St. John's, NL
submitted 4 years ago

This case fits so well on the phone and is made of a nice material that is not slippery! Also, the design is nice and simple but makes a statement :)