Batman Symbol DJ Style Headphones

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The Batman Symbol DJ Style Headphones features high quality sound, leather padded earcups, large drivers for a strong bass response, a swivel mechanism for single-ear monitoring, inline volume control, a silver-plated 3.5mm plug a bonus....a headphone splitter! You know what is the icing on the cake? They have THE BAT SYMBOL! NANANANANANANANANA BATMAAAAN! Yeah, sometimes that happens to me. That theme song just comes out of no where. I know you know what I'm talking about. Any-who, the Batman Symbol DJ Style Headphones are you for, fans of the Bat and the music! Bat-music? Does that work? Sure. Why not!

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Matt, Batfan
The Batcave, Parts Unknown

When I first saw them, I was sold. Never really seen any kind of Batman headphones and I was needing some new ones. Holding them, they do feel cheap/fragile but the sound is pretty great. While I do wish these were in the same style as most of the other DJ headphones on this site, these are great for the price. A must have for any Batcave!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.