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Batman Symbol Acrylic Glow in the Dark Plugs

Batman Symbol Acrylic Glow in the Dark Plugs

$3.00 Reg.$7.99
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Glow in the dark stuff isn't quite Batman's style...but it looks to be something you may be interested in! The Batman Symbol Acrylic Glow in the Dark Plugs are made from acrylic and show off the immediately knowable Bat symbol! These particular plugs though, as previously stated, GLOW IN THE DARK! YES! YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO START GETTING EXCITED NOW! What else is there to say? These great plugs come in different sizes for whatever gap you choose to have in your ears and they come as a pair. Hey, what can I say? We like to make it easy on you guys and these Batman Symbol Acrylic Glow in the Dark Plugs have received a glowing recommendation from Bruce Wayne. Oh, that's terrible. (Comes in pairs)

Please make sure that you are selecting the right size - we cannot accept exchanges and refunds on body piercings. That stuff was in your body! Ewww!

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  • Sku: plugbatglow
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Acrylic Glow in the Dark Plugs

Gotham City
submitted 5 years ago

They don't glow very brightly, but I absolutely love them!

Daniel Shorty Britten
Cornwall U.K.
submitted 5 years ago

Bought them as a present for a mate he was over the moon with them. Living in the UK they did take longer than expected to get here but worth it thanks x

Waynesboro, VA
submitted 5 years ago

These are really nice and bright in the dark

Franklin Park, Illinois
submitted 6 years ago

There Effin awesome couldn't ask for more

Dani, Comic Wiizz
submitted 6 years ago


submitted 6 years ago

These are seriously so cool. I was worried they might not glow very well but they're bright and awesome in every way. My only complaint is that I've had some trouble with the o-rings in the back falling/popping off occasionally. I've lost one or two and was lucky enough to have spares on hand, but they don't seem to like to stay in all the time. All in all, they're great though :)