Batman Symbol Tie-Dye Women's Footless Tights

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The 65% polyester 25% nylon 10% spandex Batman Symbol Tie-Dye Women's Footless Tights use to be a normal set of tights, but then the Scarecrow hit DC Comics' Dark Knight with a weaponized hallucinogen and Batman woke up the next day in 1968 at Woodstock! I'm thinking that the Caped Crusader probably also got snagged by some errant Omega Beams from Darksied! If that is a bit too much to follow, you can just be awe-struck by the fabulous and footless Batman Symbol Tie-Dye Women's Footless Tights! It combines a few of your favorite things; tights, Batman symbols, and tie-dye cloth effects!

"Tights Are Thin And Run Small, Should Be Worn Like Stockings"

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Batgirl Zia
Parsippany, NJ

I am a skinny, VERY athletic chick. I usually wear smalls. Upon seeing the review that the smalls are very small, I went with the Large/X-large ... I could BARELY get them on. They fit like x-smalls. Thankfully, they did "fit" but if I were closer to a medium size, then they would not have gone on. They feel like tights, I kinda expect them to get runs based on the material.

New South Wales, Australia

This product is way too thin! The print looks faded because it is stretched soo much. I am only a small person so I can't imagine how these tights would look on a bigger person. Awful! Is what I imagine.