Batman Fist Up Soft Lunchbox

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Don't get too close to the Caped Crusader on this lunchbox! He appears to be ready to beat the white-and-black paint out of you (judging from the splatter) if you're even THINKING of sneaking into the contents of the Batman Fist Up Soft Lunchbox he's so zealously guarding. You'd think the contents of all the bank vaults in Gotham were in there...not just a ham sandwich, a juice box, some goldfish crackers and a pack of fruit snacks! Oops...did we just give away what we pack for lunch? Get 'em, Batman!! This soft, insulated Batman lunchbox measures 9.5" x 3.5" x 7.5" and should have no problems holding the aforementioned lunch and more...but not the contents of Gotham's banks' vaults!

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  • - Licensor: DC
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