Batman Incorporated #3 White Magnet
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Batman Incorporated #3 White MagnetSize Guide

Batman Incorporated #3 White Magnet

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Batman AKA Bruce Wayne has always longed to take a vacation. Heck, the closest thing Batman ever got to a real vacation was when Darkseid sent him back in time...and that doesn't really count. It is because of this that Batman decided to set up some franchises. It worked for fast foods and big box retailers, so it should work for him...right? Anyways, this 3.5 inch tall by 2.5 inch wide Batman Incorporated #3 White Magnet features an image straight from the comic book. Hey, you might as well get the Batman Incorporated #3 White Magnet and you can join the club too!*

**Not responsible for death, dismemberment, exposure to Joker Venom, or a sudden need to refer oneself as one Zur-En-Arrh brought on by membership in Batman Inc.

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