Dark Knight Rises Street Image Travel Mug

Dark Knight Rises Street Image Travel Mug

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The Dark Knight Rises Street Image Travel Mug is designed to keep your beverage hot or cold in your journeys...which hopefully do not include one to the Gotham City pictured here! The gritty image on this travel cup is from The Dark Knight Rises and shows a grim, determined Batman staring back out at you. Maybe Batman's attention should be focused the other way, though...'cause the freakin' city is fall down behind him! If you look closely, there are a few people standing along the front of a building over Batman's left shoulder - and they seem completely oblivious to the destruction as well! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN GOTHAM CITY?!?

This 16-ounce plastic cup features a lid that snaps off and on and a sliding tab to keep it ready to drink or sealed as you choose. You might want to keep it sealed if the rubble starts falling around YOU. Just sayin'!

**Hand Wash recommended. Use with extreme care when filling with hot liquids!!**

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Reviews of Dark Knight Rises Street Image Travel Mug

Monica Lee
submitted 5 years ago

Awesome and practical!!!

submitted 5 years ago

I love it! It's a lot nicer in person too.