Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie
Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie-Close Up
Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck TieBatman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie-Close Up

Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie

  • Perfect for your "other" costume.
  • Officially licensed Batman tie.
  • Features a subtle, professional pattern of Batman symbols!
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Because the fight for justice continues in the boardroom.

When you're Batman, you're hip-tossing perps into dumpsters and head-butting the Pengiun through plate glass windows. And you're doing all this with the appropriately padded and branded Bat-suit.

When you're Bruce Wayne, you're defending Wayne Enterprises against hostile corporate takeovers, and locked in recurring bidding wars with Lexcorp.

When you're reinvigorating corporate morality and maintaining stock values, you wear the appropriate 
power suit and adorn the very stylish Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie --

-- it subtly expresses your nighttime mission without revealing your more hands-on secret identity.

Made from 100% polyester, this stylish, business-savvy tie features a recurring micro-print of subtle, monochromatic Batman symbols. And yes, they reside on a smooth, gray exterior.

Spaced between the symbols, silver, fashionable, and embroidered dots.

And yes, this Batman tie also includes a very handy "how to tie a tie" guide -- residing on the packaging, this guide features illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions. You're welcome!

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  • Sku: tiebmmonomtc
  • Color: Grey
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Monochromatic Men's Neck Tie

Burnham, PA
submitted 4 months ago

Luv wearing ties. Wearing it to church.