Batman Symbols Dog Collar
Batman Symbols Dog Collar- Close Up
Batman Symbols Dog Collar- Unlocked View
 Batman Symbols Dog Collar - Superhero Sighting
Batman Symbols Dog CollarBatman Symbols Dog Collar- Close UpBatman Symbols Dog Collar- Unlocked View Batman Symbols Dog Collar - Superhero Sighting

Batman Symbols Dog Collar

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This resilient Batman Symbols Dog Collar is made of metal and an extremely durable web material! The original wearer of this Batman Symbols Dog Collar was Ace the Bat-Hound, but I'm sure you knew that already. Heck, maybe you are Batman and you need another one for your trusty companion! Just don't get your side kicks confused, because I don't think Robin would be the happiest of campers. Regardless, this Batman Symbols Dog Collar is perfect for dogs whose owner loves the Batman...and perhaps wants their canine friend to share in the glory that is Gotham's Dark Knight!

Small: 9 to 15 inches
Large: 15 to 26 inches

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  • Sku: dogcollbatsym
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbols Dog Collar

larne,northern ireland
submitted 3 years ago

The batsman dog collar,arrived when very quickly,It fits my dog perfectly,in fact it is the first collar I have purchased which I haunt had to adjust....shall definitely purchase from superhero stuff again

Kaylee & Batman
BC, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

great collar, so far so good, hopefully it stands up to a dogs life!

Hamilton, ON
submitted 4 years ago

I have a black dog and this collar looks great on him. The company shipped the product very quickly. Love everything about the collar, including the neat car buckle type clasp. If I order again, the only difference would be, that the collar should be wider. But overall, very happy with product.

calgary, alberta, canada
submitted 4 years ago

these collars are great! super sturdy and great quality! just plain awesome!

Ontario, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

Collar fits our dog well. She is a pug cross and is pug sized, and I would agree that you wouldn't want this collar for a dog any smaller than that. That aside, the collar is great.

Donna Acevedo
submitted 5 years ago

I really like this collar. good quailty, sturdy.

Washington, DC
submitted 5 years ago

This product is really well made! I bought this one for my dog, Harvey, and the Avengers version for my other dog, Loki (both are named after villains). My dogs are pugs, so the 14 in collars worked great! I don't know that I would get this collar for a dog any smaller than my two, both of whom weigh in at about 20 and 24 pounds, respectively. Because the buckle and the leash loop are all metal, it's a hefty collar. Other than that, I highly recommend this product.

Lakeland, FL
submitted 5 years ago

We bought this after my dog chewed the plastic clasp on his regular collar. This is working perfectly! Colors are still doing great & it is lasting! He's about 15 lbs. & he's a chi weenie. He has a Black coat with brown accents & his collar looks awesome! Many compliments! The fit is comfortable & it didn't take long for him to get used to the solid design. Great buy!

Ty, DC Fan
Marietta, GA
submitted 5 years ago

I got this to go with the Superman collar I got for my dog. Buckle makes it easier to put on and remove.

submitted 5 years ago

love the seat belt buckle, time will tell if it's a great purchase Batman dog collar VS my dog

Bronx, NY
submitted 5 years ago

lots of compliments, made well

submitted 5 years ago

My big boy is now a bat dog with his new awesome collar! Its very well made and holds up against our 8 month old puppy that tries to pull it off of him! I think she's just jealous and wants her own super hero collar! Great buy!

The Bat-Dude
ZONA (Tucson, Arizona)
submitted 6 years ago

Ok. The Idea is real cool. The heavy buckle and overall weight might be tuff on my Aces. The mechanizim is gunna rust and get clumsy...they really tried to be awesome and overdid it!!!! Tuff to blame 'em for going to maximum coolness or at least ry to approach it! Plastic buckles wouldda been better and cheaper....and my two are going on display or something. Can we buy the Bat-strap to make our own and accent the human females too???

Perth Western Australia
submitted 6 years ago

We have a black and tan Dobie and it looks great on him. I have had lots of comments.

east alton,il
submitted 6 years ago

i love this colllar might getting another one