Batman Plush Figure

Batman Plush Figure

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Quickly Robin, to the Cute-Cave! Wait, does the Caped Crusader have that? Sure, why not! That guy has everything! At 5 inches tall and made from polyester, the Batman Plush Figure is just way too cuddly for something related to Batman...but then again, perhaps that's his trick to lure the villains of Gotham into a false sense of security. Then he will strike and the Batman Plush Figure will cause justice to wash over the land! Wow, I really went off the rails on that one.

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  • Sku: plushbatfig
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Plush Figure

Dundee, Scotland
submitted 3 years ago

Great quality, and so soft. He's just so cute!