Batman Symbol Rug
Batman Symbol Rug - Backing View
Batman Symbol RugBatman Symbol Rug - Backing View

Batman Symbol Rug

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The 100% polyester Batman Symbol Rug is the select rug for the entrance to your Batcave. I'm pretty sure that the black and yellow symbol for DC Comics' Dark Knight is more than enough to simply scare the mud and muck off your shoes...or at least that is what my imagination is telling me. Measuring 72'' by 48''(or 4 foot by 6 foot), the Batman Symbol Rug is a top notch item for the top notch Bat-fan!

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  • Sku: blktbatsymrug
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Rug

Cailin, aka "Mamma Bear"
submitted 3 years ago

Great! I want A WW now.

Indianapolis, IN
submitted 4 years ago

This rug is very well made and super soft! I got it for my 10 month old grandson and he spends hours sitting on it, rubbing it, and playing with his toys. It is one of his favorite places to be!