Batman Kids Vintage Wrap Logo Hoodie

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1.0Batman sweatshirt doesn't Rock!07/05/2013

We purchased this hoodie for our grandson's 6th birthday in May. He lives in San Diego, so the idea was that he would have it to wear in the next school year, but then he came for a visit in Washington state and brought his hoodie with him. On his first attempt to wear it the zipper came off! Now I ask you how useful is a hoodie that won't zip? Yeah not very, and to top it off I had a very disappointed 6 year old on my hands. response:

Very sorry to hear that, it should have held up much better than that. I will have our customer service team contact you about this so we can take care of it.


Great product, makes a great gift!

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.