Batman Symbol IV Hoodie Sweatshirt
Batman Symbol IV Hoodie Sweatshirt- Close Up
Batman Symbol IV Hoodie Sweatshirt
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Batman Symbol IV Hoodie SweatshirtBatman Symbol IV Hoodie Sweatshirt- Close UpBatman Symbol IV Hoodie SweatshirtSize Chart

Batman Hush Symbol Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this charcoal hoodie features the Batman symbol designed by Jim Lee, taken from the hit Batman story arc, "Hush," with art by Jim Lee and a solid script by Jeph Loeb!  In Batman: Hush, an old, old friend of Bruce Wayne makes a sudden, and deadly, reappearance!  Deadly!  AHH! 

Oh, and he's NOT Jason Todd!   AHH!  Anyway, this charcoal, hooded sweatshirt is perfect for Batman fans, fans of Batman, Hush and Hush not being Jason Todd but possibly Clayface! Why does everybody have to mess with Batman like that? Show your support and stay warm today with the Batman Hush Symbol Hoodie Sweatshirt! Batman will need it.

More Details

  • Sku: hoodbativsym
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Sleeve Type: Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Batman Hush Symbol Hoodie Sweatshirt

Grant M
Osceola Mills, PA
submitted 3 months ago

Very comfortable, and it keeps you warm while making you feel like a billionaire philanthropist.

Toronto, Canada
submitted 5 months ago


Sydney, Australia
submitted 10 months ago

Genuine Materials, Comfortable Design, Massive Pocket, Amazing Hoodie

Big Chuck
Columbus OH-10
submitted 1 year ago

Fits just right, super comfortable!

Jeddah, SA
submitted 1 year ago

LOVE IT...except for the part where it's too big for me, I thought it would be smaller so I got XL..

submitted 1 year ago

Amazing stuff as always

Potomac, MD
submitted 1 year ago

This hoodie is so comfortable and awesome!

Longlac, ON
submitted 1 year ago

Fairly fast shipping for the holiday season, fits perfectly, super warm and cozy! Money well spent!

submitted 1 year ago

Good quality, worth the money!

Cleveland, Oh
submitted 1 year ago

Got this for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. Fits him perfectly and he loves it!

submitted 2 years ago

good fit and looks nice.

Robbie Gary
Louisville Ky
submitted 2 years ago

Love DC Hoodies❤️

Ontario Canada
submitted 2 years ago

I Don't think I am ever gonna take this off! Comfy Cozy and Fits Perfect!!!!

submitted 2 years ago

My favorite Batman logo on a super comfy hoodie!

L. Winthorpe III
So Cal.
submitted 3 years ago

Material and fit is pretty standard issue for a sweatshirt. Nothing special, really. Lightweight, and comfortable. I haven't work sweatshirts in years. Finally wanted to get one. Couldn't believe they had a sweatshirt with my favorite style of Batman logo! If you're looking for a typical sweatshirt, just with this (the best) style Batman logo... then this is the sweatshirt for you.

Stephen sheridan
submitted 4 years ago

Absolutely love the hoodie and please it arrived sooner than expected

C.L Thomas
Seattle, WA
submitted 5 years ago

First day I went out in this hoodie i was stopped by at least 5 people throughout the day asking me where I got it. Told them it was an " Online purchase" and went about my merry way. A knight never reveals his secrets:-P

Appleton, WI
submitted 5 years ago

It's awesome! Very comfortable and the size is just right.

Sham D
submitted 5 years ago

The quality inside is really good, makes u feel warm and comfy! the logo is awesome! I feel like bruce wayne every time I wear this hoodie!

Philadelphia, PA
submitted 5 years ago

This hoodie is great! I wear it every day.

submitted 5 years ago

Pros: I am the night. Cons: Shortly after purchasing this product my parents were brutally murdered and all my delusions about a fair and just world shattered. Now I'm being stalked by some constantly smiling psycho in face paint and my butler is trying to sound wise and world-weary. Also its a bit short.

Sergio, The Bat!
Sacramento, CA
submitted 5 years ago

I love this sweater, it's a bit warm to be wearing it right now, but it's my new "go-to" sweater when the cold hits. it is in fact not to thin and not to thick. I have loved it since i got it.

Prince Rupert, BC
submitted 5 years ago

Not too thick, not too thin, just the perfect fit. I would definitely recommend to anyone

Dasha, Batman extraordinaire
Banff, AB
submitted 6 years ago

This hoodie is soooooo soft and warm and I'm a girl and was worried about it being too big but it fit great. Then again if you're a guy it might run small. But mine was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!!

submitted 6 years ago

It is really comfy, even after several washings. It is high quality and definately worth buying.

submitted 6 years ago

very nice hoodie made of quality material with the exact symbol i was looking for

submitted 6 years ago

It's really warm and cumfy but it shrinks in the wash so order big and it stains easy.

submitted 6 years ago

Great product - I'm happy :)

submitted 6 years ago

I Love it. The only problem is I have been beaten up twice since it arrived by gangs of thugs i was convinced I could take out. Maybe it takes more than a logo to make a hero...

submitted 6 years ago

This is a great Batman hoodie with the cool Jim Lee designed logo. It's smart and casual - and I thought entirely suitable gear to wear to my local Italian restaurant. The warm, cottony fabric was perfect for a cool winter's evening - and for soaking up the butter that carelessly dripped off my garlic bread! My industrial strength Stain remover did what it could, but I can still see the mark. Yes, I can.