Batman Bane Attack Junior Womens T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this red, juniors-cut, woman's t-shirt features an image of Batman and longer keeping up appearances. Bane just can't lie to himself anymore. No matter how much he wants it, Batman will NEVER be his valentine! EVER! So, if you can't join 'em...beat 'em. Beat the living @#$% out of 'em. Anyway, yeah, you probably recognize this t-shirt since we have something very similar happening with a men's t-shirt. Well, ladies.....because we're incredibly considerate, and we know you absolutely love Batman and Bane kicking the #@$$ out of each other, here ya' go. Yup.

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  • Color:Red
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Image
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Mom of twins - super hero fanatics
Portland, OR

Good quality t-shirt with good fit. My daughter loves this shirt.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.