Batman Batcat The Dark Feline Men's T-Shirt


Batman Batcat The Dark Feline Men's T-Shirt


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The "Batcat of Gotham": Fact or Fiction?

Secret Origins:

A young, feisty kitten lost his parents -- and 17 siblings -- to a terrible mauling perpetrated by a pitbull demanding Martha-cat's diamond-studded collar. The moment Thomas-cat intervened, Bruce-kitten became a litter onto himself.

For seven years, and at the expense of 3 lives (of 9), Bruce-cat trained in ancient fighting arts and became a living myth to protect innocent cats from the tragedy he experienced.

We celebrate his dogged determination with our Batman Batcat The Dark Feline Men's T-Shirt.

Our First Clear Image of the Elusive Batcat!

Made from 100% cotton, this black t-shirt for men features Batcat himself perched on Gotham's dark spires, suited with cape and cowl, and alerted by "The Signal."

With bright yellow eyes and a bright yellow Batsymbol, the Batcat sees through the cowardice of criminality, and is never distracted by their glorious balls of beguiling string.

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