Batman Symbol Cityscape Kids Umbrella

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I think the Penguin might be an umbrella or two shy next time he takes inventory. You see, The Batman has been spotted snooping around, and that man likes to take his little tokens for the Batcave. Hey, where else do you think he scored that giant Penny from...he didn't exactly pick that thing up at the mall! This Batman Symbol Cityscape Kids Umbrella is a heavily modified design stolen from Batman's enemy, the Penguin! Penguin likes violence a bit too much; what with all the machine guns, razor blades, poison gas, and hypnotism going on. Batman had to gut some of that madness out, he is the Batman after all and he appreciates practicality. The Penguin wanted to use umbrellas as a weapon, but oddly enough they have another block the rain and/ or the sun! Made of a light weight aluminum frame and nylon thread, this Batman Symbol Cityscape Kids Umbrella is sure to impress.

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Debbie, Happy Grandma

This was a Christmas gift for my 5 year old grandson. His eyes lit up and made a most happy of sound when his eyes saw what it was.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.