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Battlestar Galactica Classic Three T-Shirt

Battlestar Galactica Classic Three T-Shirt

$9.00 Reg.$18.99
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Made from 100% Cotton, this black t-shirt features 3 prominent characters from the original science fiction drama, Battlestar Galactca!  There's the Commander of the Galactica and leader of what remains of the human race, Commander Adama, played by actor Lorne Greene!  There's Captain Apollo, played by actor Richard Hatch!  And there's Lt. Starbuck, played by actor Dirk Benedict!  These 3 characters helped protect the remnants of humanity from the tenacious Cylon robots; robotic warriors created by an ancient, long dead alien race of lizard beings who perished before hitting the Cylon "off-button." in 1978, Battlestar Galactic was the show to watch.  Wear the t-shirt.  Relive the classic adventure that inspired one hell of a re-imagining!

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Reviews of Battlestar Galactica Classic Three T-Shirt

Saratoga Springs, NY
submitted 11 months ago


Sci-fi Fan
Long Island, NY
submitted 1 year ago

So happy to find merchandise from the original (and only, in my opinion) Battlestar Galactica. Well made and good fit.