Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Cuddly Face Plush Pillow

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The 16" Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Cuddly Face Plush Pillow brings the comfort of the "Soft Kitty" song from The Big Bang Theory to a couch or bed near you! The kitty's contented face should soothe your tormented inner Sheldon, no matter what ails or troubles you, from a dislocated shoulder caused by a bathtub fall, to a rain-induced cold, or even just a rough day. Unfortunately, Penny is not included, but cuddle up with this "Soft Kitty...Warm Kitty...little ball of fur..." and...
What's that? Yes, we are feeling kind of sleepy, but The Big Bang Theory's coming on. Wait, never mind. Saw that one. Man, this Soft Kitty pillow is comfy!

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