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Black Panther Nightscape Button



Black Panther Nightscape Button


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He can track your scent.....and your soul.

When the Black Panther has your scent, consider yourself (**bleeeeeeep**)ed. Yep, one of the Black Panther's enhanced abilities is super-tracking, so...there's no place to hide, is what I'm saying.

I mean, not only can he smell your garlic breath from 500 miles away, he can pinpoint your location by homing in on your unique life essence -- the benefit of communing with an ancient Panther deity.

Our Black Panther Nightscape Button features a gorgeous illustration of the Panther leaping into the night sky, following your especially acrid deodorant, or your milk-flavored soul-stuff.

Measuring 1.25" in diameter, this Black Panther button features King T'Challa leaping in front of a very large moon -- perhaps it's the hunter's moon, because the Panther....hunts.

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Catherine , humble follower...
Vancouver, B.C.

Just a small reminder of BP’s coolness!

Submitted 1 year ago