Black Panther Wakanda Warrior Camo 39Thirty Fitted Hat



Black Panther Wakanda Warrior Camo 39Thirty Fitted Hat


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For hunting poachers, tanks, and Thanos' Black Order after 9pm.

Wakanda is always under siege. Be it jealous nations, rogue tribes, or alien invaders seeking infinitely powerful stones, Wakanda's resources are regularly imperiled by a rotating cast of power-hungry chaos makers.

Thankfully, Wakanda boasts the Black Panther and one hell of an army -- an army boasting incredible weapons, armor, and personal, projected invisibility.

So, when the border is breached and the enemy is advancing, T'Challa's special task force adorns their Black Panther Wakanda Warrior Camo 39Thirty Fitted Hats and blends in with the glistening midnight veldt.

Made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex, this EXCLUSIVE Black Panther hat from New Era features a black, all-over camouflage print for stealthy nighttime deployment.

A stitched, circular badge! Residing front and center, this military marking features a Panther symbol rendered in elevated line work.

Around the symbol, white text affirming your official station granted by the king: "WAKANDAN WARRIOR."

The bill? Curved and positively slathered in that subtly glistening camouflage print.

Under the bill? A solid black covering.

Hey! What's on the back?? A modern, embroidered Black Panther logo pulled straight from the character's hit comic book series.

The official New Era sticker? It's right there, resting soundly underneath the curved bill.

All the dependable characteristics of a high quality New Era Hat:

  • The embroidered New Era logo resting on the hat's right side.
  • The stitched taping crisscrossing the hat's interior.
  • The official New Era tag, also inside the hat!
  • The official BLACK PANTHER logo, also-also inside the hat!
  • This 39Thirty hat is available in Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Large/XLarge.

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Reviews of Black Panther Wakanda Warrior Camo 39Thirty Fitted Hat

5.0 (Based on 10 reviews)

Will there also be an adjustable hat?

Submitted 1 year ago
Catoncville, MD.

Love the hat. Wish there was a custom made jacket to go with it.

Submitted 1 year ago
Pastor Tracy
Indianapolis, IN

This cap is just what I had been looking for.

Submitted 10 months ago
Montréal, QC

I love the hat! Makes me feel like a true Wakandan warrior!

Submitted 1 year ago
Atlanta, GA

It is awesome

Submitted 1 year ago
Wakandan Citizen
Charlotte, NC

This is an exreamly unique Wakanda Warrior New Era hat. Great job on the design.

Submitted 1 year ago
Citizen of Gotham / Wakanda
Brooklyn NY

Excellent product, quality and material and it’s uniquemes

Submitted 1 year ago
Earth 23 Superman
Chicago, IL

Tighter fit than most 39THIRTYs. Didn't think I would like camo, but its waterproof too.

Submitted 1 year ago
Warren Starr
Corpus Christi, TX

I love this hat! I have a pretty huge collection I've amassed from this site and I love them ALL!

Submitted 1 year ago

Love this so much!

Submitted 1 year ago

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