Black Panther Movie Spike Necklace
Black Panther Movie Spike Necklace-Flat View
Black Panther Movie Spike NecklaceBlack Panther Movie Spike Necklace-Flat View

Black Panther Movie Spike Necklace

  • Shiny, chrome-metal teeth from an aggressive jungle cat!
  • Officially licensed Black Panther necklace/trophy.
  • Based on the hit film, 'Black Panther.'
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Ceremonial Wakandan jewelry, or the chrome-metal teeth of an unfortunate adversary?

Yes, our Black Panther Movie Spike Necklace simulates the Panther's shiny neckwear rendered as jagged teeth. 

And yes, this ceremonial Wakandan necklace features a solid front band holding seven incisors covered in a reflective chrome-metal -- a metal implying a dense Vibranium coating.

And yes, this Black Panther necklace features a sturdy, adjustable, metallic chain with a solid toggle clasp.

However, there's some startling implied history behind this very ornate costume jewelry -- these metal-encased teeth previously resided in an aggressive jungle cat, or in the mouth of a very feral, ape-themed adversary.

So, yes, this gorgeous costume jewelry implies royalty and superior craftsmanship, but the teeth-shaped charms were "procured" through a savage, violent struggle. 

Front band measures 8" across.

Center "tooth" measures 3.5" long.

More Details

  • Sku: jewlbpspikeneclce
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Black Panther Movie Spike Necklace

New York ny
submitted 10 months ago

Girlfriend loved it !!!!

KD the Jeweler
Philadelphia, PA
submitted 11 months ago

It's an awesome piece on its own, but even better to serve as a token of this spectacular film.